Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What are chatbots for?

I am doing a survey on about what is the purpose of the various forum poster's personally developed chatbot. So far, 3 out of 3 report their chatbots are "pets" either for their own entertainment or for someone else's.
I am puzzled. Is this a disconnect between an old guy and a younger generation, where I am focused on how to get work done using a chatbot, and these younger (?) programmers are focused on how to get entertained? Is this the post-reality world I have been reading about where games are real and reality doesn't exist? Somehow I suspect: no, it is a field that attracts people who are not engaged in traditional business and have no experience with business applications.
Added:  It has something to do with the view that language is comprised, at the lowest level, of sentence structure. These chatbots are good at using the structure of the sentences to simulate appropriate responses where nouns of the response are simply substituted from nouns of input sentences. My (flabbergasted) response is that this is not a story: "noun verb noun".

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