Saturday, February 4, 2017

Open standards and voice activation in dentistry

I believe the treatment plan, without associated patient data, belongs to the Doctor and must become a standardized piece of data that the Doctor can make public as part of a bid/ask process. The standard piece of data (an XML format) might have links to patient data, constrained by HIPAA; but these links could not be accessed without the right permissions. At work I am promoting the idea of such a standard. HIPAA should not be preventing dentistry from entering the 20th century :)

I am behind the curve on voice activation: Dentrix is already doing voice-to-treatment plan for periodontal probe numbers. So if I build it they won't be coming. However, there might be a competitive advantage to producing data using an open standard for the treatment plan.

Just so someone else cannot claim the idea: the use of structured language to help the machine get accurate information is one possibility. For example, with periodontal probe numbers you might implement some canned commands like:
Number 8

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