Thursday, February 2, 2017


Wow! I just found a word that hasn't already been co-opted. So Lingopsychology can be the name for: the study of psychological aspects of involvement with a narrative.
For fun, here are some characteristic types of involvement in a narrative:
 - You hear talking but aren't listening
 - You hear talking and are listening with "1/2 and ear" for topics that interest you if they come up
 - You hear talking and are listening but are distracted
 - You are listening but it is not interesting and engaging
 - You are listening and being surprised
 - You are listening and engaged in the outcome emotionally ("engaged in a narrative preference")
 - You are listening and forming plans, perhaps believing or disbelieving what is heard
I can't get my mind around the difference between these last two, the difference between planning and reacting emotionally.

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  1. After getting my "red light" paper rejected from several psychology journals it becomes clear that narrative has no place in that field, as it defines itself.