Thursday, February 2, 2017

Uber for Dentists - a million dollar idea...if it doesn't already exist (2)

Software that supports bidding on dental lab work. Whoever builds that marketplace, that auction house, would get a cut. Some kind of Uber for dentists.
Update:  The problem is that HIPAA regulations make it impossible to share the kinds of patient records that you would need to share for a public marketplace.

However I see a way around that: defining a version of the "dental treatment plan" as essentially a vector of numbers that could not possibly be interpreted as containing a patients identity. The argument is that (a) at most it expresses a doctor's description; and (b) you cannot claim identity for a numeric vector. If anyone tries to make a HIPAA issue out of it - then argue it in court.
Once that's established, the dental lab "bid" can begin with the posting of a work description in those abstract "treatment plan" terms. The actual negotiations then takes place between parties that do have HIPAA compliance. In other words, a bid is not subject to HIPAA if done in terms of an abstract treatment plan.

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