Sunday, May 21, 2017

Slot Events, Short Commas, and the pursuit of the Golden Algorithm

The "Golden Algorithm" is the correct (but elusive) mechanism for filling N-segmented text, as I was discussing here. So I have been thinking harder about low level things and a couple of flaws in previous thinking are as follows:
  • When a slot is to be filled and has already been filled, it is kind of an error condition and simply overwriting the slot and closing ones eyes to it must be wrong.
  • When a NAR gets completed it should be vaulted in association with the current segment index, not the index of the subsequent control
  • There is no mechanisms for saying: enough time has gone by, let's vault if we have something.
Anyway, a slot event is where we go to fill a slot and the event results in a change according to the prior state of that slot as well as the others (it could be filled or not, they could be filled or not). A short comma is one that has scope of prior text having a small number (below some threshold) of words. The short comma is helpful when handling lists like lists of word/value pairs.

As for the Golden Algorithm, it requires that slots of higher level narratives be scored according to the scores for the lower level narratives in the slot. That requires a lot more local vaulting of partial results and a different feel. So those new ideas are coming, along the way.

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