Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Math about Language is an "unsearchable expression" in Google

An unsearchable expression is an expression which, when entered into Google search, is always misinterpreted. Even when it is not completely unsearchable, if the answer you seek is several search pages deep it might as well be. My wife's name used to be pretty unsearchable. Such is the case when I search for discussions of the many interesting math problems associated to language and...I cannot even tell if such exist because the phrase "math about language" is (mis)interpreted as "language + math" and Google insists that what is relevant are discussions of math as a language. Which is a poor interpretation of the throwaway word "about".

So I am somewhat sorry for Google. They appear to have no f*-ing clue about the difference between search and single word association. Oops another clothe less emperor! On the other hand perhaps 95% of the world is happy with single word association.

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