Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Is there a STANDARD word tree?

Riffing on the previous post and some mulled ideas, imagine putting words into PyDictionary and getting back definitions, to then take words from the definitions and feed them back - again - into PyDictionary. You'll get cycles and cascades and all the fun you could hope for - very much especially when you drop out words of high frequency (short words). Somehow the structure of the set of cycle you get, whatever the heck it is, embodies PyDictionary concept of word meanings.
What I want to know is how to turn a cycle diagram like that into an organized tree of related meanings.
By it is not just the building of it. Suppose you already had such a tree, or little piece of it: could it to be a standard? Would people agree? It would be a meaning standard.


  1. I want to comment that when the NLP goobers give it up and people realize the need for standard meaning structures, it wont take to long to get a complete human "genome" - one person's language structure or an average person's such.

  2. By "give it up" I mean blocking progress on language study.