Tuesday, April 25, 2017

N-segmented text

Continuing the idea from here: if we pass several first order NARs across the segmented text, they may individually or together get a result at any "control" in the segment. The hard part would be higher order NARs getting passed across such a combination of lower order NARs and un consumed VARs in the original segment. I need to develop an infrastructure for managing such overlays of higher and higher order NARs "above" the original segmented text.

The rolling up of the text into the segment (sequence of VARs) and the rolling up of the segment into higher and higher order NARs - leads to the idea that once the text is prepared, all the meaning has already been established. In other words, the rolled up input is the output.

I am grasping but do believe there is a "beautiful theorem" in there somewhere.

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