Tuesday, April 4, 2017

More semantic personality profiling - how people summarize and how narratives nest inside narratives

The previous post considered asking different people who had experienced the same thing (a subway ride, buying a dress, etc.) to give a short description. This was to be followed by quantitative study of the notational description of the text - via sentence structure (SnG) and/or via proto semantics. Here is a different question, that can be part of the study:

Ask a participant in the study to give a very brief summary. Then ask for a longer one. Then ask for more details. What forms are present in reversing the summary? You could also ask participants to read a short paragraph and provide a summary, or read a sentence and provide an imaginary flushing out of the story's details.

The purpose of this study is to gather information about how narratives are nested within narratives - and how that varies from person to person.

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