Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Rock Piles blog must be influential

I was just backtracking visitor logs on the Rock Piles site and people are visiting for all kinds of different articles - no doubt the result of searches they are doing. The articles they find are from all different periods of the blog's history. It is an archive not an active news site. As I look at it, the posts cover a reasonably wide variety of subjects centered around ceremonial stonework, but also with arrowheads and other more general archeology or Native American cultural topics - as posted by my guest authors. There are thousands of articles and thousands of readers every month. Right now it stands at around 4.8 thousand readers this month.
I don't know how many of those are repeat visitors but most of them are not. That means I am reaching a large number of people interested enough in such archeological topics to do online searches. I find it sort of weird to put some minor random thought into a post and have someone in Oregon read it the next day. I also find it weird to hear ideas that originated with this blog coming back at me from some other direction - like an echo. For example, I have been hammering away at certain concepts - like rectangular mounds with hollows being burials and *blink* it seems to now be an established fact.

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