Monday, December 12, 2016

Wow, my code is working

I just tried the equivalent of SOUND_/[SOURCE]_/[INTENSITY]_/[TOD] using the highly nested, and untested function Attribute(X ,Y) along with 'implicit' notation "[]" in the syntax:

s = Attribute( SOUND,[Attribute(SOURCE,[Attribute(INTENSITY,[TOD])] )] )

And, what you know? It seems to have worked, cuz the standard score on the standard sentence, went up a bit. But it was slow!


  1. Later I decided it is cleaner to use (lower case) attribute( X, [Y]) with the underlying nar being used directly rather than copied. This puts the burden on the client to copy any VAR that they want to use both implicitly and explicitly in different places.

  2. Actually I had and will probably continue to have bugs. These involved not discounting controls before reading starts, and others involved bad KList behavior, and others involved errors in the polarity during attribute's. To name a few.