Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Revised GOF formula

I had an original gof formula (see here):
gof = (u/n) *( r/f)
  • u = num used slots of narrative
  • n = num slots of narrative
  • r = num words read (corrected for control words, dull words, and anything else I can skip)
  • f = (last word read index) - (first word read index) + 1 
This had an issue when the narrative is a single VAR that is found in the text, because the formula gives it a "perfect match" as compared with what usually happens with multi slot narratives. So I engaged in the unpleasant exercise of compensating for the total number of words, thus penalizing all the other narratives in order to handle single-VAR narratives.
After a bit of soul searching, is it reasonable to think that a singe VAR is not really a narrative? In the proto semantics I took the simplest narrative fragment to be a 'thing'. Perhaps it should be 'thing has attribute"? If that was so, it means the slot count should really be at least 2. So instead of leveraging the total word count into a formula that applies to everything, let us compensate with this version of the formula, that is only different for single-VAR narratives:
gof = (u/max(n,2)) * (r/f)

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