Thursday, December 29, 2016

More Narwhal progress

I have been debugging Narwhal steadily over Christmas vacation. Wrote a preliminary regression test and bogged down in further bugs. But today I was free enough from deep bugs to begin using the regression test to tune the NoiseApp. Just now I took a chance and fired it up on a pretty long sentence I have been waiting to try:

 "Not one to complain normally I was able to overlook this however I was not able to overlook the fact that the walls are paper thin-every footstep, toilet flush, tap turned, and word spoken was heard through the walls and to top it all off we were unfortunate to have a wedding party staying on our floor."

The result is quite excellent:
A 'sound' narrative is certainly being told, as well as a 'proximity' narrative. It would be great if this was the way it worked on most examples - even the 'affect' narrative gets a bit of a hit. And this starts to give me a perspective on the app narratives fitting around the text together.
Update: This was not as "new" a sentence as I thought. I had debugged it.

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