Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"That" and "It"

I recently put "that" into a list of causality words because the phrase "we were over a bar that was noisy" seems to carry a sense that the bar 'causes' the noise. This sense of causality puts one in a particular narrative framework that is not necessarily related to the old grammatical 'part of speech' definition for the word "that". The 'narrative' reductio is alien to the old grammatical definitions and, hopefully, cuts across them. We'll see, if it turns out I am sorry I put the word into that list.
Update: Perhaps it is simpler to consider "that" to be an attributor like "with", describing a property of the bar. But it is also a property of the experience and its influence on the writer. Still unclear...
UPDATE: Bad idea. It took me a 2 weeks to find out.

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