Thursday, October 20, 2016

An idea from S Donaldson's "The One Tree"

He repeatedly expresses the idea that when you love something and it is stolen, it is even worse to get it back, broken.

Over on my other blog, I am distressed that readers still are wholly confused about the simple things I have been writing about for years. With whatever sort of spirituality I own, loving the beauty of the woods and all, and with a reasonable sense of the current state of scientific knowledge on this particular subject, I find it repugnant to hear of people lying down in burial mounds and looking up at the stars.

The thing I love is the discovery of these mounds. To show them to people and have them apply ideas which only work for a negligible fraction of the available samples - a population of samples far broader and variable than most people realize - is hard. I am afraid I don't have much patience for it.

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