Sunday, October 23, 2016

Coming back from Narwhal's "Darkest Hour"

What I called it here. I have turned the corner and am writing version 3 of the "outer loop" with so many small but difficult lessons learned in the process.
 - how scoring could pass from the sub narratives up to the whole, 'linearly'
 - how different scoring could be done in the inner loops, separately from return values and from vaulting in the outer loop
 - how vaulting does not need to occur when a narrative is complete, as there should be a chance at the next control event
 - nor does vaulting need to happen after 'forgetting', for the same reason. [Though there might be a reason to vault after an empty segment of text.]
 - that testing every possible segment of text for goodness of fit is WAY too slow, requiring a more relaxed "moving topic" that steps between control indicators in the text. This feels "right"er than version 2.

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