Monday, February 1, 2016

Straining at the seams

Now, a few weeks after sending in the latest version of my paper, I am back to trying to test the soundness of the ideas. They hold up pretty well but there are plenty of things that are straining the concepts and need to be thought through.
-For example, toying with a truism for the "unanswered telephone" where I ascribe T7 to another person acting in a scene I am watching. What is this?
-For example symmetric relation, process, or other word type that has structured implicit information, all leading to some version of T6/T7 applying, when the structure is spoken about the next time.
-For example non-verbal narratives, and all those other feelings (besides impatience).
-For example how contrast interacts with values
-For example, lingering uncertainty how best to explain the expectation that a process comes to its natural conclusion. Is it T8 or Hybrid T6-7? I want to make it Truism 8C.

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