Sunday, February 21, 2016

Narrative Pattern concepts shade off into general behavioral ones

With that video of the elephant the other day, I get another example of how narrative patterns are essentially non verbal and only sometimes manifest as identifiable verbal patterns. The one I am wondering about at the moment is the competitive instinct which urges me to be ahead of the car in front of me, urges me to be the first out of a traffic light, etc (non car examples). I phrase this urge as "I win". I have not yet discovered a version of this in sentence structure.
Update: Also re the elephant. It could be exhibiting Truism 4 "Things remain the same" or Truism 7 "Out of place things need to be put in place" by ensuring the narrative ends as expected. But as far as knowing how the elephant is thinking about things, I think we would have to have verbal behaviors to use as evidence.

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