Thursday, October 22, 2015

Refining Truism 7

I was commenting on the story about making abalone shell beads and losing them and trying not to cry. In the end I did make beads and I made a beautiful cuttlefish. In a comment, I wrote:

So I get my revenge: (I-make->cry)* does not resolve to the usual (I-make->cry) but to the (I-make->beauty).

Is this a semantic pattern worth noting? Apparently Truism 7 not only expects the removal of contrast but also other improvements: implicit becomes explicit, negative (crying) becomes positive (beauty). Perhaps there are other such examples. Let's say, Truism 7 "enhanced" can include such improvements and each has its own flavor. I wanna say this bad-to-good replacement might be characteristic of "revenge".
Update: Leave to another generation of to figure out if square brackets and * commute.
Update: Want 6N: N([Z]),Z to be supplemented to 6N* which is N([Z]*)::Z

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