Friday, October 23, 2015

"Guidelines for submission" - Computational Linguistics

I am reading their guidance on whether your submission is appropriate:
"A good diagnostic here is whether a significant proportion of the references in your paper are to publications in that area: see the lists of Journals"
So what they are saying is, that their Journal is a club newsletter limited to insiders. I conclude - with a sigh - that this must be how many "subjects" define themselves and come into their own: through sufficient published material to claim as a credential and to use for self definition.
Update (sarcasm): "A good guideline would be that you are reproducing the work of another author whose work already appears in one of our Journal".
Update 2: The real problem is this policy prevents publication of new ideas that are not related to anything in their "field", such as a contribution from a different perspective that is nevertheless relevant.
Update 3: Another way to put it is this: the fact that I have not read the same material as the magazine editors does not mean I have nothing relevant to say.

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