Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Aww cuttlefish


  1. I guess I should tell the story somewhere.. I wanted to make two cuttlefish eyes out of abalone and sawed two from a big hunk of shell I have. Was just finishing when I dropped it and it went through a crack on the deck. When this happened a 2nd time, the bead spinning off into the grass, I decided to forgo the good lighting on the deck for my room, where 2.5 hours after starting I finally ended up with two small beads to use as blanks for making the eyes.
    So then I got lucky while I am polishing the first bead and get a little streak of black - right in the middle of the iridescent green-pink of the shell. The black makes a nice pupil for an eye. So I go forward with cutting a hole in the wood to fit the polished eye I had made (don't forget the bloody fingers when trying to file or sand something that small - which I cannot even see these days) and was in the last stages of getting the piece to fit when !poof! it vanished. I just dropped it and it was gone. My floor was covered with wood chips and my desk was covered with a paisley pattern. We searched for half an hour, vacuumed etc. I did not cry.
    Eventually I made yet one more bead, working far from the edge of table. It came out beautifully - as you can see in this picture. But it does not fit the hole made for its predecessor. What are you gonna do? I freaked out and did a similarly poor job on the other side, even though I didn't go through an intervening step of loosing the bead. Phew! It is pretty anyway. And that is why it is a poor fit. The signature is rough too.

  2. So I get my revenge. (I-make->cry)* does not resolve to the usual (I-make->cry) but to the (I-make->beauty).

    Is this a semantic pattern worth noting? Apparently Truism 7 not only expects the removal of contrast but also other improvements: implicit becomes explicit, negative (crying) becomes positive (beauty).