Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When the internet becomes intelligent

OK, now that I've got all this cool technology lets think about a time when the internet becomes intelligent - or supports intelligent life in some way. The idea of one huge intelligence is repulsive to me, so I'd rather plan for a future with lots of different intelligent organisms viing for attention. So, how to build an intelligent organism, that lives on the internet and makes money for my family?
Update: Maybe a spec like this:
An internet intertelligance...the "itelligent agent".
 - a url that expresses a person
 - has public, private, and semi-public "dna".
 - expresses user settings in a profound way
(Meaning things like: the user can invent their own types of settings, like UI widgets, using public or private h files and ultimately what their agent does is up to them)
 - has a universal api for communication with other itelligent agents (see Microsoft's IPerson interface).
 - can go shopping, do a search, or plan a trip
 - can find friends
 - can push information at the user
 - can be taught things by the user, naturally and correctly

 - gives the user total control of their own profiling.

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