Saturday, March 23, 2013

Personal Internet Agents

[More on the topic of "itelligence", see here]
I can't imagine that the internet will be the same in 20 years and that today's big players - the Amazon's, Twitter's, Facebook's, Travel Planners, games, searches, etc will remain the big players of tomorrow. If I had anything to do with it, it would be to return identity to people and fight against the broader trend to become sub-functions of corporations. I am a DFH (dirty f'ing hippie) and proud of it.

At the root of these things is the concept of personal profiles - that define the internet presence of a person from the point of view of some vendor. Let's hope for a future where people control their own profiles. If that were to work out then the big players of the internet would still be there but would be resources for people, not the other way around. So to facilitate that we will need some form of personal robotic agent that serves as a virtual person, when the real person is doing something else. I imagine the personal robot is my online surrogate but it can only process the information I teach it to process. From my point of view it is a virtual friend - a chat bot. It can interact with other personal agents and, in some circumstances a virtual relationship can become a real one. 

This technology will be enabled by automatic text understanding.[What I find on the internet is called "meaning recognition".]
Update:  Call it the "internet of words".

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