Saturday, March 30, 2013


stepping out of character: 
Definition: Prosperity is the flow of dollars accompanied by the [reverse] flow of goods and services. 

One dollar moving fast enough could keep us all rich. Unfortunately the government cannot create prosperity. But it can create dollars. Creating dollars and giving them to a bank has no affect on prosperity. Instead they should use the creation and gift of dollars as a means of creating a pump/vacuum to stoke the exchange of goods and services directly. A simple way to do that is to go on a buying spree.

Update: if money is a policed exchange rate for goods and services, then without actual goods and services being exchanged, there is no functional involvement of money [or say the money has no "traction". With a government failing to police "traction"] , real money is replaced with some kind of poker chip which is only good temporarily, in some casino.

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