Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Future of Digital Dentistry is "mind share"

I want to tell a certain stalwart of the Dental industry (for whom I have a certain affection) that this is not a winning business model:
Compete by having a more sincere desire than competitors to do the right thing.
 It is a way to guarantee a stable stock price or a slowly declining one. However to triple the stock price and compete with the companies currently earning 5x as much in the Dental industry (namely Patterson and Schein) can only happen if this stalwart company takes on the business model of:
Occupy the minds of more dentists, labs, and customers, than any other company.
Now: you can only occupy the mind with a product that has the capacity to occupy minds - namely a communication product, not a family of well marketed dental parts. Hence dental communication must become the product.

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  1. I'll put this in a comment to hide it: it would seem to be a smart play to market a voice assistant that is customized for dentistry. Quite reasonably, the stalwart could partner with Amazon's cloud, payment processing, delivery, and voice activation technologies and wipe out most of the competition.