Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Doing some more coding

So I coded a ChatNode base class in Python that has a respondText() method. The object contains a set of underlying NARs and wants to be a "center of language processing" for a particular topic. Topics and sub-topics appear to be organized like VARs and so maybe the ChatNodes should be organized in the same way. But what is the natural mode of coexistence for a collection of ChatNodes? I think it might be smart to think of it more in terms of the pieces of data that are maintained within different customized ChatNodes and how those pieces of data are inter related.

I give you: the abutment order, which is part of a  case, which is part of an account. And this order has a past, a present, and a future. And in this order there may be an implant, and an abutment, and a crown or bridge. But the order may also exist in time and space, and even contain a whole discussion of pros and cons, telephone calls back and forth, dentists consulted, box contents, and advice about handling. Not to mention questions.

But that is it. It is doable because, luckily, the most efficient way to store all those intersecting attributes of the "order" are in the narratives that you use to capture the request.

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