Friday, June 2, 2017

A mission statement

I thought of this because it made sense for certain dental industry stalwarts for whom I have a certain affection:
To get customers the knowledge and information they need to place a correct order

I was thinking that a way to do that is:
To be inside the minds of all the Dental and  Dental Lab professionals

 I was thinking a way to do that is:
To be on every desktop in a Dental Office or Lab, as a daily tool

Actually I was thinking the "wave" of communication of the recent past: from phones to internet, to social media, and [I hope] to language interfaces. It suggests that the dynamic and successful Dental Product vendor will be riding the wave. Which means it succeeds by enhancing the types of communication - like training, "other customers also ordered this", good option management during ordering, etc; all in ways that are possible through the newest technologies - not just the internet, not just social media, but voice activated assistants.
For example your social media strategy needs to be coordinated with your training and information sharing functions.
At the root of that is a piece of software on the desktop of everyone who seeks dental information in general. The "Smart Catalog". That would be a steep slope to climb: to be better than Google.

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