Thursday, March 2, 2017

Narwhal TODO

Haven't worked on Narwhal since releasing v2.0. I need a problem to solve to push into new areas. In general, some new areas include:
  • Proper handling of lists and numbers - so design info can be read systematically
  • The noun-less sort of conversational "echoing" of the chatbot world indicates a concept of "context", with actors and objects. Narwhal might consider doing this or re-instituting the "total narrative" idea.
  • Stories inside of stories. How is it so simple that a story like "I am making toast" can nest sub-stories like: "I am getting sliced bread out of the freezer".."I am taking slice out of package"...."I am putting slice in toaster and starting the toaster"....
  • How to deploy machine learning? This is a tool looking for an application but I am sure there are possibilities for automatic detection of keywords, and also automatic detection of narratives. Although unclear how, following up on a clue from Gamalon, the goodness of fit score could appear as a weight in a diagram. Not sure if that is a useful direction for thought.

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