Thursday, March 30, 2017

Airplane in E minor

I am watching a Netflix show and, out of the blue, decide to stop and play the bit of music - a requiem - that I was trying to compose recently. I always try to anticipate the sound of the first note I hit, so I sing it before hand. In this case, I turned on the keyboard, and was about to do that when I realized that the note I was about to sing was actually the engine note of a passing airplane.

But I went ahead and sang it anyway and then played the keys for the required E minor and -  what do you know - it is exactly the right note. The keyboard E matched the airplane E matched the voice E. And that must be why, out of the blue, I thought to stop watching TV and start playing music. I don't have any noticeable perfect pitch but I might have some perfect pitch based associations.

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