Monday, January 16, 2017

pre occupations of the moment

I am lucky to have so many things going on in a brain that just wants to roll over and go back to sleep on a weekend:
  • ver.2 of Narhwal uses segmented indexing, rather than text, to fix performance problems
  • 'boolean' rules of value - how value propagates and combines from sub narrative to larger narrative
  • topology of narrative. Things like circular stories are invariant under word substitution. Narrative Continuity might be expressed as a rule of "conservation of energy" saying that all local variables cancel when we take alternating sums of sub narrative variables
  • set up dropbox for family photos
  • send out Impatience When a Red Light Turns Green for comments
Or I could hang out and watch TV. Tomorrow I have to go back to work where the pre-occupations are different and related to dentistry:
  • new features in the Virtual Articulator, for manipulating the Keep Out Zone (KOZ), user training, and patent filings related to crown design tools.
  • regular work on automation enhancements
  • start listening to voice recordings from customer service
  • make a scene about antiquated product catalogues

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