Saturday, September 10, 2016

The "n" and the "d"

I was driving and trying to make a joke of the words "Black Widow" I saw on the back of a passing car. I tried "Black Window" and, for some reason, this really did not work. Pausing to think about it, it may be because the sounds "win" and "wid" are so different. It feels as if the "n" and "d" endings are almost opposites of each other.
Just a thought to follow up on sometime: the exclusive "|" of Narwhal is related to the reversal of sentiment value, as per the "block()" commands and the implementation of ' *'. The same thread of narrative exclusion may serve to describe very low level aspects of behavior and language. In other words the "n" versus "d" sounds may live in a world (of phonemes) that can also be explained using narrative patterns.

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