Friday, September 23, 2016

Origins of the word "Narwhal"

Got this from a comment in [here] by a person named Kald:

And by the way, “narr” also means both a “fool” and “jester” in Norwegian… I would guess it came from the Latin word “narrare” (a story or a tale). Jester = storyteller. And I would not be surprised if that is the origin of your Hebrew word as well.

Update: So it looks like I am completing the circle of the word back to its roots. And while we are on the subject of its roots, how about the 4-beat "5 3-6 5 3" sung with the words "nah nah-na nah nah". I would imagine it to be older than these languages. I would not be surprised if birds sing something like it. [Or I could be wrong and crazy.]

(I am using 3-6 to mean dotted quarter note on three and eighth note on six.)

Update II: Korean song: 5-5 3-3 5, 3-3 4-4 3. Sing it and you will see an family relation with the English version.

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