Saturday, January 30, 2016

Example of Truism 8 [NOT!]

My back is better but still a little bit off.
Update: I have been toying with whether the relation of 'healing' to 'healed' is a factoid or an example of Truism 8. It makes me think Truism 8 needs another sub-version for events with expected outcomes that are not the result of a person acting - not the result of will but of the definition of the process that is invoked. "To heal' is a process.
But then I am wondering if, the extent to which we expect an outcome to have value could be contingent on the extent to which we think the event was a willful process?

ARGH! It is hard to analyze these things. I think it is fair to say that a bad back is implicit in the  statement "my back is better". So we could write (back_/good)* followed (according to T7) by back_/good. However, the back being bad is only implicit, hence it becoming explicit is actually the Hybrid Truism 6-7.
Before getting carried away by the idea of 'process' , note that it is a version of implicit information that includes sequence. Hence T6 and 7 apply]

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