Thursday, January 28, 2016

Competitiveness, paranoia, etc?

Since starting to think in terms of narrative patterns, I have gotten to know some of my basic urges better. I have a better understanding, specifically, of impatience and the energy behind the motivation to fix what is missing/incomplete/wrong - as per Truism 7.

I sense a similar energy behind competitiveness, where I don't want to let someone pass me while driving, or I do want to pass someone else. Or when I am next to someone at two-lane red light and I have an urge to be the "first out of the gate". So if competitive energy springs from a different source than incompleteness (Truism 7) energy, then what is it? Does it count as a narrative pattern? Does it have a linguistic form?

Come to mention it, paranoia is yet a further distinct "feeling" (maybe not exactly an 'urge'). But again, one wonders if paranoia is a narrative pattern and if it has a linguistic form.

I know I am using the same hammer whenever I sense a nail.

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