Friday, May 18, 2012

A physics of information and red shift

This is not a new topic and I know other people are trying to base a theoretical physics on the notion of information rather than the (tired) ideas of "mass" and "energy". My son and I have been going over it for years. Today I was talking with a colleague at work about how there is still something missing if all you have is information. There is something else needed for the theory. Which reminded me of a different conversation I have been having with my son about resonant frequencies between pairs of particles and how they can exchange information/energy if their frequencies are nearly matched. So a particle with frequency .99 and one of 1.0 could resonate but (according to my son) a 0.01 particle would have to be produced. As the first two particles resonate and experience harmony, they produce an offspring particle. The process is a red-shift event.

This red-shift event defines a spatial component between the two particles and I want to say it should be regarded as happening with a certain probability. One last crazy statement is that probably there still needs to be an observed/observer relation in their to cause probabilities to materialize into facts.

[Another discussion with my son that has been going on for years is about the class definition of a universal simulator.]

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