Saturday, May 19, 2012

The definition of information, the definition of "life"

This is philosophy of universe week. So to start the ball rolling:

I think a theoretical physics that fails to subsume theoretical biology must be incomplete. The idea that somehow causality is suspended for that brief moment where "life is created" is just not scientific. Nor, for that matter, would a Deus Ex Machina make any more sense for the big bang "universe is created" moment. One thing at a time though.

Grant me the concept of a clock and here is a definition of information: a sequence of increases and decreases of frequency.

Grant me that definition and here is a definition of life: the preservation and perpetuation of information.

So here is that theological moment: the previous two posts on this blog outline a theoretical physics based on information such that the universe is populated entirely with objects interacting based on the information they maintain. According to this post here, that means life never starts, it is simply the stuff of the universe at different levels of complexity. For the benefit of a colleague at work who was using the word "consciousness", let's agree that everything is conscious of itself and its interactions and that collective conscious is possible.

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