Monday, August 7, 2017

Juxtaposition - a most elementary of mental operations

I cannot get any further back in my mind than to the place where I posit an entity by naming it or in some other fashion. And soon after that comes the idea of juxtaposing multiple entities, where I bring up several things in "my mind's eye". When I juxtapose two things, one of several events occurs: compatibility, alternation, or grouping. [Or sequencing.]

When I juxtapose two noun objects, they sit side by side
When I juxtapose two types of attribute - like red and square, they may form a composite attribute.
When I juxtapose two values of the same attribute - like red and blue or circular and square, they cannot merge and, at best, split a prior object into parts.

Some of the point here, is that your VARs that act as parents over a collection of children should be organized so they are one of the above: alternative, compatible, or groupable. Per what I have was saying about AODiagrams.

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