Monday, November 14, 2016

Artificial Intelligence, embedded intelligence, and real intelligence in a computer

Count me as an AI skeptic. When I hear about the program that beat a Go master, I think: there is no way that program arose by machine learning or any "AI" technique. Instead, the programmers knew how to play the game well, and embedded their intelligence into a computer. Given sufficiently good Go playing programmers, getting a machine to do what they do, but with the overview of seeing many steps ahead, it is not surprising the program beats the master. All you need is near-master level programmers. This was real intelligence that they embedded into a computer game. But calling it an "AI success" is claiming a mantle of success that had nothing to do with so called "AI".

On the other hand, I propose that a computer that brings me a Coke when I say "bring me a Coke", is exactly as intelligent as needed. It satisfies my requirement, and so it is real intelligence.

As for artificial intelligence, I guess it deserves its own title. Anyone know examples that are 85% accurate?
Update: I see "embedded intelligence" is already taken, how about  "embedded cognition"? There's a buzzword for ya. OOPS! That's taken too. Can I go with "machine cognition"? Nope. All combinations of these words have been taken. So I might as well stick with "embedded intelligence".

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