Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hypotheticals are contrasted, multi-part, 2nd order narratives

If you have time after work then you should come over for a drink 
This is a hypothetical chronology. Actually of the form
((you have time after work), (you come over for drinks))*
There is no need for a separate concept of 'hypothetical' as it already resides within the contrast operator and forces derived from Truism #7. Given a stated a contrast, there will be a desire to resolve it. 
The narrative inside the parentheses that is contrasted is a second order narrative with first order sub narratives. [Concept of "order" is new to proto semantics but needed for the Narwhal implementation]

So this gives us that "if A then B" should translate into the proto semantic statement
So for example "unless A, B" or "if not A then B" becomes:
 Obviously the Narwhal engine has its work cut out for it, making these translations to text internally.
Update: I am not sure about this. It could also be interpreted as A::B. Perhaps the logician usage is a bit of a corruption between the two interpretations [yeah, don't expect me to be nice.]


  1. Funny how the last sentence is an example of the topic of the post that contains the sentences expression

  2. 1st comment refers to "Given a stated a contrast, there will be a desire to resolve it."