Friday, November 27, 2015

A new truism! Truism 8

Picture of a map with two locations A and B and two routes joining them - a fast route and a slow one. In a narrative about going from A to B it is natural to say something like "I went from A to B but I went the slow way".
The use of "but" signals a truism to the effect that we assume actions taken are taken as efficiently as possible. How do I say this in notation? My best guess is that "good" has to be a sort of keyword; an adjective so general that, like verbs 'in' and 'at', it is allowed in describing a general truisms. So, taking us to the very edges of ethics and aesthetics, I propose:

Truism 8A: Actions are efficient:
(person->X) :: [(person->X)_/GOOD]

Truism 8B: Efficient actions have positive consequences
(person->X)_/GOOD :: [X_/GOOD]

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  1. It is also around here that I start being uncertain about the use of the implicit '[]' brackets. A truism is implicit, so sub implicits are of questionable value. Yet that us how I have expressed many of them.