Thursday, June 19, 2014

A self referential act

I was doing a search for the expression "Goodman's Hill" Quartzite. Something very unusual in the search results is that only one link was found.
But since I am writing at this moment about the topic, no doubt it is a matter of a short time before Google finds it out and the search result stops being unique.

Where else can expressing an observation falsifying it?

Oops I did not mis-spell it in the same way. So: "Goodmans Hill" Quartzite


  1. Don't worry, this is a joke. Playing fast and loose with types often leads to this sort of nonsense.

  2. WOW. I checked in one week later and no change in the Google results was seen. Now you get three links to this blog but the original result is gone from Google search. That is a pretty serious bug they got there.

  3. (Unless the original real estate listing where the phrase occurred is gone)

  4. now it is back to six search results. I had no idea the number of search results would fluctuate like this.

  5. Nov 2014 Down to just 2 entries both from this blog.