Monday, September 16, 2013

Clouds and Jet Trails

I have been trying to see if there is any observable evidence that clouds are held together by bacteria. I noticed that Jet trails dissipate in a way that clouds do not. 
Yesterday I saw something compelling: a jet trail intersected a cloud. As I watched, the part of the jet trail outside the cloud dissipated. But the jet trail inside the cloud did not dissipate- it remained visible long after the rest of the trail was gone. This supports the idea that there is some non-water related force holding the cloud together.
Update: Perhaps as significant, is that I see examples where the jet trail stays visible for a short distance outside the cloud. This suggests to me a coating of adhesive fibers that is not as visible because it is not as humid. If the evidence for humidity is the visible cloud then the invisible one has to have something else going for it.

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