Sunday, May 29, 2011

51 State Flag

Here is my favorite entry:The logic of it is 51=3*17=3*( 3*3 + 2*4 )

More closely spaced variants:
orI am pleased with this because it is a different generalization than the 51 state flags currently being promoted at Wikipedia. In the versions here, the idea of alternating rows of single stars is replaced with alternating rows of triples of stars. This preserves a basic symmetry that is lacking in the Wikipedia version. Also the versions here have no single star bias.

Update: Also, while I am bragging, this is the only 51 star flag, so far, that has 7 rows matched to the seven stripes along side the blue rectangle. Even the current 50 star flag matches 9 rows of stars against 7 stripes.

Some impressive competitors here


  1. I do like it. The way the stars are formed in diagonal rows is similar enough to our current flag to be recognizable, while the "spacey" look also seems new, as in a new millennium, and looks to the future. Best one by far of the 51-star flags I've looked at.

  2. I should add that it took me two or three years thinking to come up with this.

  3. Note, the main sphinxmoth page is at

  4. Uhm. .. there are 13 stripes, not 7. They represent the original 13 colonies.

  5. Yes 7 is not 13. There are seven stripes ACROSS from the seven rows of stars.

  6. I love you ideas. They are patriotic as well as refreshingly new. I agree that the stars and stripes should coincide with each other. Thank you for showing us your ideas.